Artist statement

I make sculptures and installations formed from plastic materials, objects, imagery, and light that question the way we experience unstable phenomena from our culture and environment.


The deluge of imagery and video available from a now constant stream of documentation enables us to see and respond to uprisings, catastrophes, and other spontaneous moments that we may never experience first hand. The sheer volume of these events lets me find ways of concretizing numinous and unknowable experiences. My focus is to fabricate installations and objects rooted in tumultuous events that occur both naturally and through human agency. The focus in creating depictions of erratic moments is my reaction towards their unavoidability. For me, the planning of concise actions and events are often greeted by seen/unseen anomalies.


I see this echoed through nature and culture.  Instead of attempting to preclude these unpredictable events, I hone in on them. I work to isolate a specific gesture or cadence that may not otherwise be apparent do to my proximity to such happenings. The work is my manifestation of instability within the boundaries of the studio, and an exploitation of the perception that we are controlling our environment. The resulting work becomes an experience in visualizing the invisible and a tactile exploration of the hidden or incomprehensible.