Artist statement

My studio practice utilizes an interdisciplinary approach to create post-natural objects and installations that challenge how we alter our natural/built environments.

 I work with my generations new “forever” materials to make unprovenanced objects with the use of imagery, light, and various plastic materials, both synthetic and natural. These material amalgamations confront ideas of convenience, preservation, and dominance of our landscapes and culture in what has been called the anthropocene epoch- defined by human activity as it’s main influence.

 Through the ever-growing documentation openly available via imagery and video, I hone in on a specific gesture or cadence and

I am able to see and react to new systems, uprisings, or anomalies that I may never experience first hand. It is through the consistency of irregular events and anomalies that I find ways of concretizing unknowable experiences that have or could occur through human agency.

 The installations and fabrications are my effort to provide an experience to visualize the invisible and the tactile.